Why Upgrade to
GoldMine Premium Edition (PE)

Product improvements include:

  • Support for Microsoft Vista and Windows 7

  • Modern look and feel makes GoldMine Premium Edition easier to learn and use

  • New Customer Support module improves customer satisfaction

  • New Outbound Dialer capabilities that drive higher telephone connects and greater effectiveness for your sales and marketing teams

  • Eliminates four quadrants and gives you more flexibility for customer fields on the contact screens

  • New Universal search enables users to find ANYTHING, ANYWHERE, quicker

  • Additional filtering on tabs and activities helps users sort key items more effectively

  • Comprehensive business reporting and analysis

  • Complete CRM customer lifecycle management



Microsoft Outlook Integration
Preview GoldMine information directly from Outlook without having to switch back and forth between the two applications. GoldMine information is not only viewable, but users can drill into GoldMine records for edits or further business follow-up.

This powerful integration helps improve user adoption and knowledge sharing across the company.

Calendar features:

  • Benefits users who use Outlook as their day-to-day activity management application, and improves visibility so users can report on these activities for better CRM activity reporting
  • Schedule appointments, meetings, and tasks in Outlook and link them to contacts, opportunities, projects, and cases so they are viewable in GoldMine
  • Show GoldMine contact information and related records when viewing activities in Outlook

Email features:

  • Ease of use when delivering and receiving email communications, and improves email / information visibility and knowledge sharing amongst team members
  • Link messages from Outlook into the GoldMine database so they are a visible part of the contact history
  • Use GoldMine email templates in Outlook to personalize messages and improve productivity
    Send messages between GoldMine users that can be read in Outlook or smartphones
  • Show GoldMine contact information and related records when viewing emails in Outlook

Other features:

  • Benefits users by allowing them access and views into both the Outlook and CRM paradigm without having to switch back & forth between applications, and allows clients to administer the process & data better between the two applications
  • View / navigate to other GoldMine records from Outlook
  • Synchronization between GoldMine and Outlook, including support for recurring activities, so your GoldMine calendar is accessible in Outlook and on your smartphone

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